Sunday, January 8, 2012

NYX Las Vegas (I like Emerald City...)

After seeing some posts on other nail blogs I had to hunt for the old NYX bottles. Mostly looking for NYX Jungle, which is a duochrome greenish blue gold polish, I stopped at one of many many beauty supply stores here in the city. This particular chain has each store with its own individual name and they mostly have hair products and lower end cosmetics. But they all have old NYX products.

So I find the display and see the old rounded bottles of NYX polishes at the bottom. No Jungle.. darn. Then I see a dark, very glittery green. I turn it over, no label. Grab the one behind it.. no label. A lot of the bottles are so old the labels fell off. After several bottles slide to the front I finally find one with a label.. haha! Las Vegas. After the last bottle slides to the front, I gasp to find it's one lonely Jungle hidden behind a slew of Las Vegas! A trip well worth the traffic!

Even though the entire reason I went to this place was to find Jungle, the other looked so interesting I had to try it.. all I can saw is wow. It is an emerald green JELLY with emerald and blue microglitter.  LOOKIT!

indoors no flash
You can see the blue duochrome of the glitter peek through.

indoors flash

indoors no flash

outdoors shade

outdoors sunlight

indoors no flash

Sorry about the bare tips, I used Seche Vite as a top coat and it shrank the polish. These pictures really don't show this polish at its best, it is so beautiful in real life. I don't know why they named it Las Vegas, if it's gotta be a place I think Emerald City would have been better! haha!

I will be wearing Jungle soon and will post that when I do, until then, on to more hunting!! Thanks for visiting!

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