Saturday, July 2, 2011

My week long nail polish haul!

Within the past week and a half I've been finding nail polish like crazy... not good for my pockets.  But most were either on sale or clearance or less than $2 a piece so I don't feel too guilty! I'm pretty sure these have put me well over the 500 bottle mark now lol.

Here is what I got starting toward the left:

1. Wet n Wild: Sagreena the Teenage Witch w/ bonus top coat
2.Revlon: Black with Envy
3. Maybelline: Blue Brilliance
4. Milani: Precious Metal
5. Sinful Colors: Verbena
6. Sinful Colors: Tapping Nails
7. Sinful Colors: Oh La La
8. Sinful Colors: Bali Mist
9.  Sinful Colors: All About You
10. Sinful Colors: Pinky Glitter
11. Sinful Colors: Gorgeous
12. Sinful Colors: Ciao Bella!
13. Sinful Colors: Frenzy
14. China Glaze Crackle Metals: Oxidized Aqua
15. China Glaze Crackle Metals: Tarnished Gold
16. China Glaze Crackle Metals: Cracked Medallion
17. China Glaze Crackle Metals: Latticed Lilac
18. China Glaze Crackle Metals: Haute Metal
19. OPI Shrek Forever After: Fiercly Fiona
20. OPI Shrek Forever After: Who The Shrek Are You?
21. OPI Shrek Forever After: Ogre The Top Blue
22. OPI Shrek Forever After: Funky Dunkey
23. L.A. Color Craze mini: Sea Siren
24. L.A. Color Craze mini: Current
25. L.A. Color Craze mini: Phenomena
26. L.A. Color Craze mini: Splash
27. L.A. Color Craze mini: Magnetic Force
28. Orly mini: Otoile
29. Sally Hansen HD: Hi-Def
30. Sally Hansen HD: Lite
31. Sally Hansen HD: BLU
32. Sally Hansen HD: Hi-Res
33. Finger Paints: Amethyst Atelier
34. Revlon Scented: Orange Fizz
35. Revlon Scented: Apple-tini Fizz
36. Revlon Scented: Grape Fizz
37. Revlon Scented: Watermelon Fizz
38. Revlon Scented: Pineapple Fizz
39. Revlon Scented: Mint Fizz
40. Revlon Scented: Colada Fizz
41. Orly-French Manicure: Sky Blue-Pink
42. Wet n Wild fastdry: Hannah Pinktana
43. L.A. Colors- Color Craze: Morning Glory
44. L.A. Colors- Color Craze: Black Pearl
45. L.A. Colors- Color Craze: Twilight
46. L.A. Colors- Color Craze: Cactus

These three I bought yesterday, the first completes the revlon scented fizz collection :)

47. Revlon Scented: Grapefruit Fizz
48. L.A. Colors- Color Craze: Merlot
49. L.A. Colors- Color Craze: Dark Denim

Hopefully someday I can wear all of these colors, I know I have enough polish to last a couple of lifetimes. I would love to post a picture of every polish I own just to get an idea of how much I really have, haha! Tomorrow will find me a few more since OPI is releasing a few polishes that are exclusive to ULTA. I will be there bright and early with my $3.50 off coupon in hand and take advantage of their buy 2 get 1 free on top of that so, again, I don't feel too guilty. Thanks for visiting! :D


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