Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My nails threw up independence...

Here is my 4th of July manicure!

This was a lot more difficult than I expected.. but it turned out more or less how I wanted. I used the splatter technique that I've seen a lot of other bloggers doing so I thought why not? Thanks to the burn ban and fireworks being cancelled this would be as close as I was gonna get!

This was my first try, using a regular old drinking straw and a plastic paint palette plate.  Doing one hand at a time I put a couple of coats of China Glaze White on White. For the splaterring I used China Glaze China Rouge and OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue.  I figured this would be messy... like marbling.. so I put tape on my finger around my nail to keep clean up to a minimum then I put 4 or 5 drops of of China Rouge in one of the wells on the palette. I dipped the straw into the polish and, not directly over my nail but at a bit of an angle, blew a short puff of air into the straw. After getting the effect I wanted over each finger I repeated with the other color. Sealed it all with a coat of Seche Vite.

Here are a few more pictures:

I've had this on my nails the past 2 days and luckily has not chipped at all. I'm pretty happy with this manicure over all, I hope to try other color combinations soon. Thanks for visiting! :D


Robert said...

Oh Sasha! They came out really neat!

Sasha Rae said...

Thanks Robert! ;)

Roxy said...

I think this design is SUPER awesome!!! I haven't tried it yet, I'm kind of waiting for the trend to die down just a tiny bit before I try LOL I'm such a non-conformist I guess. I like to go left when everyone is going right.

I have to admit though, I was ALMOST tempted :)

Love your blog too! Thank you for sharing <3


Sasha Rae said...

@Roxy- Thank you so much! I am the SAME way! I hate trends! But nails are different for me cuz the people in my everyday life are blown away by this kind of thing and if I start talking in nail language they give me a wierd look.. LOL But yes, in the "nail blogging world" it's becoming very common :/

Thanks again! I appreciate your thoughts and luv!